The TurkStream Gas Pipeline

The TurkStream Gas Pipeline

The TurkStream gas pipelines is now under construction across Black Sea from Russia to Turkey.

It is an export gas pipeline and its first section will serve Turkish consumers, instead the second section will ensure reliable gas supplies to consumers in the south and south-east regions of Europe. The TurkStream will have the capacity of 31,5 million of cubic meters of gas a year and it is scheduled to become operational by the end of 2019.
The subsea section of the pipeline will have a length of more than 900 km, extending from the Russkaya compressor station in the Krasnodar Territory to the Turkish coast via the Black Sea.
The onshore section will enable gas to travel up to Turkey’s various boundaries with neighbouring countries.
The construction’s works started in May 2017 in the Black Sea off the coast of Russia: TurkStream is the first 32-inch diameter pipeline to be laid at deep depths exceeding 2,000m. The walls of the pipeline are made of 39mm high-quality carbon manganese steel.

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